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Operations at the ReStore depend upon our volunteers. From picking up and receiving donations to loading customers' purchases, it's our volunteers getting the work done at the ReStore.

2012 Volunteers of the Month


Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

Lois Roberts
Lois came to us with many years of experience with Habitat for Humanity in other locations. She encourages others to donate items, shop or join her as a volunteer at ReStore. Look for her. She’s the peppy gal, with the snappy brown eyes and big smile.


Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

Nickie Kohler
Nickie’s volunteer effort for Habitat began many years ago by helping with the spring tea. Now she is enjoying being a ReStore volunteer. “I really like the slogan ‘Habitat gives a hand up, not a hand out’.” Thanks, Nickie, for all your help over the years.

MAY 2012

Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

Diane Shellenberger
Diane became involved with Habitat volunteering at the garage sale. She and husband Bob began at the ReStore in January of 2010. Diane really enjoys being with the customers and shares their joy in finding what they want.

APRIL 2012

Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

Kathy Tenney
"This is my first experience as a volunteer. I've had a good life and I want to give something back." Come out to the ReStore on Highway 63 South and meet Kathy. You may decide to become a volunteer yourself.

MARCH 2012

Volunteer of the Year


When asked to volunteer at the ReStore when it opened in 2009, Debbie answered the call. "I love helping people and using my skills to tell people about the ReStore on our web site."


Volunteer of the month at the Habitat ReStore

Sandra Blumenberg
She has prior experience with second-hand materials and loves to dig into a box to see what she'll find. About the ReStore, Sandra says, "I enjoy helping people find things and love the camaraderie. There's always something to laugh at."


Volunteer of the month at the Habitat ReStore

George Fletcher
Everybody loves George! He's the big man with the bigger smile who greets everyone who comes into the store. If you're looking for something special, ask George. He'll find it for you. Thanks for your dedication and humor!

2013 Volunteers of the Month

2011 Volunteers of the Month

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